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Reinventing Press Events

The age of traditional corporate press conferences is over. Journalists have no time to leave their offices to attend boring press events. This is why we reinvented such events and now we offer information and entertainment for journalists. And great publicity to our clients.

The latest example is MSD Pharma press event in Stereo Chef on the last day of April, 2014. Many journalists – including the editors and writers of the most popular media outlets – attended. The goal of this event was to publish and discuss the results of a survey that examined the relationship of the Hungarian people with health consciousness, sports, medicines and doctors.

Besides the professionals celebrities were also invited to share their thoughts about the surprising data. The diversity of the participants gave a very special taste to the event: TV presenter Gabriella Jakupcsek acted as the host; Adrienn Pinter represented the health-conscious mother and Alexandra Beres, fitness world champion shared her opinion and experiences.